Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Quick Update

  • Jim Hendry has admitted to be actively shopping Left Fielder Matt Murton. The team who has shown the most interest is the Padres. Maybe we can pull Khalil Greene off their hands?

  • The deal for Brian Roberts is rumored to be back on, again. Phil Rogers reports, through a very highly placed source, that the 7-2 rumor involving Bedard and Roberts is back on. Sources say that there could be a 3 team blockbuster in the works that would send Marlon Byrd, Erik Bedard and Brian Roberts all to the Cubs. The Baltimore Sun thinks the Cubs do not have the farm system to give the Orioles what they want. Reports indicate that it would have to match the caliber of players the Tigers gave up for Willis and Cabrera. The Cubs have said they would be willing to trade Rich Hill for Bedard and Roberts.

  • Marlon Byrds name has popped up again. The Rangers have a ridiculously high price tag for Byrd. It is reported that they have asked for Sean Gallagher in return for Byrd. Which in my opinion is completely ridiculous.

Hopefully we get a deal done soon for someone

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like Murton, and I feel bad that he doesn't have a starting spot on the Cubs.

I hope we can get a good return on him and not just give him away.