Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cubs Sign Lieber

According to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs have signed pitcher Jon Lieber to a 1 yr/$3.5M deal. Lieber, who turns 38 on April 2,played four seasons with the Cubs, before signing with the Yankees in 2004, then with the Phillies in 2005. He spent the past three seasons with the Phillies, but missed the second half of last season after suffering a ruptured tendon in his right foot. Since Lieber missed half the season, last season, he managed to go 3-6, with a 4.73 ERA. When healthy, like he did with the Phillies in 2005, he is capable to win about 15 games and average an ERA of about 4.20. With the signing of Lieber could mean a trade for Marquis could be in the works. Or it could mean Dempster would just simply move back into the bullpen.

I really like do not like this signing unless we move Marquis. My reasoning is this. I think we need to give Gallagher the fifth starter role if he is ever going to get developed. I think
this is an ok signing.


Anonymous said...

"I really like this signing unless we move Marquis. My reasoning is this. ... I don't think this is a very good signing, but that is in my opinion."

I am not sure I am following you. You like this signing as it is, but you won't if the Cubs move Marquis. But they you state that you don't like it.

Should I not be confused?

Jake said...

Im trying to say i like the signing only if we move Marquis
To keep a space open for Gallagher

Anonymous said...

It looks like the cubs added a reliever today.