Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bedard To Mariners? Roberts Next?

The drama may end soon, Cubs fans. According to a report out of Seattle the Mariners have traded top prospect Adam Jones, George Sherill, and Chris Tillman for Orioles ace Erik Bedard. This is a good thing a for Cubs fans. The reason it is good, since the Mariners traded Jones to the Orioles that means Baltimore has acquired their outfielder, and would no longer ask for Pie in a trade for second baseman Brian Roberts. This now lets the Orioles focus on trading Roberts. The Orioles have reported they would like to trade Roberts by the end of the week. Now hopfully we can find a way to get Khalil Greene and Brian Roberts. Roberts would mean a 4 to 5 win increase in '08. Greene has insane numbers aaway from Petco, and in my opinion would excel in a hitter friendly park like Wrigley. Greene would also add a 25+ home run hitter in the 6 or 7th spot in the line-up. Hopefully we can work something out and at least get one of the two.

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Batimore baseball owner peter angelo need to stay away and trust MacPhail. on his desions