Friday, December 7, 2007

Breaking News: Fukudome To MLB

UPDATE: Fukudomes agent, Joe Urbon, has said there isn't any truth to the rumor going around that Fukudome is coming to America, and that it was just an internet rumor. According to Urbon, "He's not going to decide until Tuesday, or Monday our time," Urbon said. "If he had made that decision, you would have seen it out of Japan by now." So this means no Fukudome in America or a Cubs uniform, yet.

According to FoxSports' Ken Rothensal, Kosuke Fukudome has made his decision to come to the MLB. Fukudome, 30, is set to announce that he is leaving Japan, the first step toward him signing a free-agent contract with a major-league club, hopefully the Cubs. The White Sox and the Padres seem to be the Cubs biggest competitors for Fukudome. A left-handed hitter, he had a .305 career batting average in Japan, averaging 29 homers between 2003 and '06. He appeared in only 81 games for the Chunichi Dragons last season due to a right-elbow injury that required surgery.

It was pretty obvious he was coming to America, but now it's official.
The Cubs and the White Sox seem to be the ones who will bid the highest. So it seems Fukudome will probably be coming to Chiacgo.

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