Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Winter Meetings Update

  • According to Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, Kosuke Fukudome will make his decision today. An unspecified team has apparently made Fukudome an offer that Carroll is confident that he cant refuse. Let hope the Cubs are that team!
  • According to the Baltimore Sun, the Cubs are going hard after Orioles 2nd baseman Brian Roberts. A 3 player deal is on the table as of now. It has been speculated that this deal includes either Rich Hill or Sean Gallagher and another player in exchange for Roberts. Roberts would be a welcome aquisition and would likely move DeRosa over to shortstop. Roberts batted .290 last year with the Orioles while sporting a nice .377 OBP. The Orioles are already looking at Tadahito Iguchi to replace a potentially departing Roberts. This deal could hopefully get done very soon!

Lets get 'em done, Jim! More rumors coming soon!


BleedCubbieBlue33 said...

Please Fukudome to the Cubs! Roberts would be a great addition. Let's get these 2! Pull the trigger Hendry!

Anonymous said...

if we get these two, i believe jim hendry can sit back and believe he has done enough to upgrade this team and had a successful offseason during an ownership change (a tough feat).

maybe another solid lefty reliever could help.

Anonymous said...

there is no way derosa will be the SS. he is one of my favorite players, but i dont see him at short