Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cubs After Luis Castillo?

According to Ken Rothensal, the Cubs are pursuing 2nd baseman Luis Castillo, in addition to Kaz Matsui. Castillo, who batted .301 last season with the Mets, is a switch-hitting, top of the order guy, which is what the Cubs are trying to find this offseason. He may be considered plan-B for the Cubs, if they happen to miss out on Matsui. Castillo would be a much better pickup than Matsui. Castillo has put up much better numbers over a longer period of time than Matsui has. Castillo has a career average of .294 and an OBP of .368, compared to Matsui's .272 career batting average and a .325 OBP. It seems like an obvious choice to me. Castillo would be a much better pickup than Matsui. Castillo has proven he can be an above average baseball player, which is something Kaz has not yet shown. I say dont take a chance on a player coming off his only good year, and sign a player that has had about 10 solid seasons. This, to me, should be a no-brainer. Lets see what Hendry decides to do.


My Name A Borat said...

I would rather have him than Matsui even though Matsui may help lure in Fukudome. Well, I guess today the Mets and Castillo agreed to a 4 year 25 million dollar deal. We're stucki with Kaz or we can move Soriano back to 2nd, and acquire Crawford to play CF and start Murton.

Jake said...

I hope thats the scenario