Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cubs Notes

  • It is official, Ryan Dempster will start the Cactus League opener next Thursday against the San Francisco Giants. "'Z' said he didn't want it any more," Dempster said, jokingly, about Zambrano.

  • Lou Pinella was recently on the Mike North show and confirmed he is considering hitting Kosuke Fukudome 3rd and moving Derrek Lee back to 4th and Ramirez to 5th. I am not opposed to this projected line-up, but if we get Roberts to we hit Soriano 6th? Or maybe Second?

  • Speaking of Roberts talks between the Cubs and the Orioles, about the all-star second baseman, have cooled in the past couple of days. The Orioles are asking for Gallagher, Ceda or Veal, and a couple more lesser players for Roberts. At this point the Orioles are just being unreasonable and I hope we never do buisness with them again.

  • It looks like the talks between the Cubs and the Rangers about Marlon Byrd are diminishing as we speak.

  • The poll for this week looks pretty unanimous, so who do you think we are going to get before the end of the offseason?
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